Our MCBuster is an analysis tool for optical communication in cars.
Together with it's accompanying software it is perfectly suited for both development and aftermarket when you want to analyze the bus traffic.
MCBuster is a handy device, easy to carry in different environments for the technician.
The device comes together with a software package including drivers and a powerful application for analyzing data.
It also comes with advanced trigger functionality for use together with external measurement equipment.
The device is able to communicate with the host through USB, RS232 and CAN (ISO 11898).
The major difference compared to it's cousin MBuster, is that it is able to deliver the messages from the optical bus segmented into CAN-frames.
It supports the different optical framrates that are used on the market. It works between 9 and 16 V DC.
On customer demand we are able to deliver a software package compatible with common database and logfile formats on the market.

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